Introduction to Finite Element Methods (ASEN 5007) - Fall 2005
Department of Aerospace Engineering Sciences
University of Colorado at Boulder

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*Course outline and *syllabus.
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Part 0: Preface
Preface Index.
Part I: Finite Element Discretization and the Direct Stiffness Method
Chapter 1 Index. Overview.
*Chapter 2 Index. The Direct Stiffness Method I. HW#1 posted. Solutions for Ch 2 posted.
*Chapter 3 Index. The Direct Stiffness Method II. Solutions of HW#1 for Ch 3 posted.
*Chapter 4 Index. Analysis of Example Truss by a CAS. HW#2 posted. Solutions of HW#2 for Ch 5 posted.
*Chapter 5 Index. Constructing MoM Members. Solutions of HW#2 for Ch 6 posted.
*Chapter 6 Index. Finite Element Modeling: Introduction.
*Chapter 7 Index. Finite Element Modeling: Mesh, Loads, BCs. HW #3 posted; has tentative announcement of first midterm exam. Solutions for HW#3 for Chapter 7 posted.
*Chapter 8 Index. Multifreedom Constraints I. HW #4 posted; has detailed announcement of first midterm exam. Solutions for Exercises in Chapter 8 posted.
*Chapter 9 Index. Multifreedom Constraints II. Solutions for Exercises in Chapter 9 posted.
*Chapter 10 Index. Superelements and Global-Local Analysis. Solutions for Exercises in Chapter 10 posted.
Part II: Formulation of Finite Elements
*Chapter 11 Index. Variational Formulation of Bar Element. HW#5 (long), due Oct 11, posted.
*Chapter 12 Index. Variational Formulation of Plane Beam Element.
Chapter 13 Index. Advanced One-Dimensional Elements. Not to be covered in the course.
*Chapter 14 Index. The Plane Stress Problem.
Chapter 15 Index. The Linear Plane Stress Triangle.
Chapter 16 Index. The Isoparametric Representation.
Chapter 17 Index. Isoparametric Quadrilaterals.
Chapter 18 Index. Shape Function Magic.
Chapter 19 Index. FEM Convergence Requirements.
Part III: Computer Implementation of Finite Elements
Chapter 20 Index. Implementation of One-Dimensional Elements.
Chapter 21 Index. FEM Program for Space Trusses.
Chapter 22 Index. FEM Programs for Trusses and Frames. Not covered.
Chapter 23 Index. Implementation of iso-P Quadrilateral Elements.
Chapter 24 Index. Implementation of iso-P Triangular Elements.
Chapter 25 Index. The Assembly Process.
Chapter 26 Index. Solving FEM Equations.
Chapter 27 Index. A Complete Plane Stress FEM Program.
Chapter 28 Index. Stress Recovery.
Chapter 29 Index. Thermomechanical Effects.
Part IV: Intro to Dynamics and Vibrations (new part, under construction)
Chapter 30 Index. Dynamics & Vibrations Overview. (under construction)
Chapter 31 Index. Lumped and Consistent Mass Matrices. (under construction)
Chapter 32 Index. Customized Mass Matrices. (under construction)

Appendices & Miscellanea
Appendix A Index. Vector Algebra Refresher.
Appendix B Index. Matrix Algebra Refresher.
Appendix C Index. A Continuation of Appendix B.
Appendix D Index. Matrix Calculus Summary.
Appendix F Index. Geometric Applications of Matrices.
Appendix G Index. Oldies but Goodies.
Appendix H Index. History of MSA -> FEM.
Appendix M Index. Miscellaneous Advanced Topics.
Appendix R Index. References (in progress).
CAETE PPT files . Chapters 2-21,23-27.
Exam Material

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